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B/W & Color Stills

Black/ White and Color Stills Icontest
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Select Members , Moderated
A Black & White and Color Icontest Community

This Community is for those of us who want the best of both worlds, Black & White only icons - AND - Color Icons. And since we're at it, we could even combine those two.

Should you join, some challenges will be adult oriented hence the LJ Adult content filter. You've been warn.

Now onto the details:

:1: No animated icons, Stills community remember?
:2: Please join the community before submitting your entries.
:3: Entries must fit LJ's standards. (100x100px, 40kb, or smaller).
:4: Black/White, Color as well as Black/White & Color Challenges will be posted.
:5: Your entries must remain anonymous. This means you cannot use the icon yourself or post it anywhere else until voting is over.
:6: Include BOTH entry image AND entry URL. Submissions that do have both will not be included in the voting.
:7: Do not vote for yourself and do not tell your friends (or anybody else) to vote for you.
:8: Banners are given out upon request only.
:9: Placings are participant dependent.
:10: No person can win more than one place unless specified; with the exception of Mod's choice or other extra voting choices, such as best use of text, crop, ect. (I.E.:If one person submits two icons and wins first and second they will get first place but not second.)
:11: Challenges are usually NOT extended, if there aren't enough participants, then challenge is closed and the next one begins.

: Saturday :
new challenge posted

: Sunday :
voting ends, winners announced

: Wednesday :
midweek reminder

: Friday :
voting begins

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Your Mod: tattooedraven. You can e-mail Raven at:
tattooedraven at livejournal dot com

Community lay out by minty_peach + Graphics by raven_ink.